Maternity Basics

I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes. So I tried to keep it fairly simple over the course of my pregnancy. I managed to make it through those 9 months with just a few basics, while mixing in different dusters and cardigans.

  1. Belly Bands – These were my go-to in the early stages of pregnancy, when my regular jeans still fit over my booty. Just leave those jeans unbuttoned, slip a belly band on, and get on your way!
  2. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – These were my one splurge clothing item during pregnancy. If you’re gonna spend money on anything, spend it on these! They are the perfect piece for when you need to dress it up. Wear them to the office, to a wedding, or to date night – they are so versatile and worth the money.
  3. Motherhood Maternity Leggings – I stumbled upon these on Amazon. They are super comfortable, affordable, and they aren’t see through like a lot of leggings. I bought these in both black and grey and I wore them almost every day.
  4. Maternity Tanks – I bought multiple packs of these, and again, wore these every day with leggings and a cardigan or duster.
  5. Spanx – These save the day when you just aren’t feeling great about your changing bod. They suck things in where ya need it most! Need I say more?
  6. Maternity Dress – I bought a few of these for when I needed to dress up. Again, paired with a cardigan & some comfy boots. This is the dress I wore to my baby shower.
  7. Nursing Bras – I swore I wouldn’t be the person that wore nursing bras before their baby was born, but they are so dang comfy, I couldn’t resist! I bought MANY different brands of nursing bras over the course of my pregnancy, and these are by far my favorites!
  8. Comfiest Justin Shoes – I know these aren’t a “maternity item” – but I wore these babies dang near every single day of my pregnancy. They are so comfortable and easy to slip on, which really comes in handy when you get super prego and can no longer bend over.

I did buy a few pairs of maternity jeans as well, but I really had a hard time finding any that fit super well since I’m 5’11. They don’t make maternity jeans for tall people, or if they do, I sure couldn’t find them. I bought 2 pairs of used maternity jeans from eBay & Poshmark. If you’re looking for maternity jeans, these are great places to look for some killer deals!

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