As a fourth-generation rancher, born and raised in Nevada's high desert, you could say my compass has always pointed west. For me, the western lifestyle has always been a guiding aspect of my life, even when I didn't necessarily plan on it.

When I set out for the big city after high school graduation, I was set on living an adventurous life, climbing the corporate ladder. I swore I'd never return to ranching, or marry a cowboy. I loved the lifestyle, but I wanted something bigger, something more. But I should have known there's a reason they say "never say never".

Not long into my perfect life plan, I met a cowboy and fell head over heels. One thing I know for certain is that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mom and his animals. Well this guy loves his mom and don't get me started on the adorable kisses he would give his bulldogging horse before the rodeo. Talk about melt a girl's heart. That guy caught me hook, line and sinker.

Life is funny that way, how it leads you on a certain path meant just for you. These days you can find me on a ranch with the man of my dreams, our sweet baby girl and doing what we do best—living western



"We gotta do it again dude, I left the lens cap on!"

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